Saturday, July 4, 2009

Empty Words

Words that flew into the wind
they were written without much thought
or feeling, her guess
when time came to show the truth
it was too much and too good
to be true
she believed in him and in his words
what a fool
she tells herself, but it is time to move on
the last words have been written
and spoken
she wrote from the heart
he not from his
but from a place so detached from it
all and life itself
he expressed words of "love"
but not the meaning of it,
love that is
false, untrue, uninspired
she believed every word
and gave him
another chance
just to be stabbed in the back
while she was asleep
enthrall on the dreams of her night
together but apart
she opened
her mind and her heart
many times
she trusted him completely
as always
she went in with reservations
and many questions
but only got one answer
he had never
changed, even when
he said he had
it was all
a lie
she waited forever
years, months, days
weeks, hours, minutes
seconds went by
while he was sleeping
he never wanted
to drink from her cup
she had moved on with her
but he came back
he made her wait
just to crash
her life again with
his empty

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