Monday, July 6, 2009


I thought about you
very often, since we parted last
every day if I may
I had the picture of your face
in my head, every minute,
every second of the day,
since you left me some time ago
I wished for you to come back, for so long,
I hoped and I dreamt
but you never came back
today, there is only a glimmer
a hint of your face in my brain
I try to recreate what you
look like but I can't
what your lips felt like
the colour of your skin on mine
whether or not your arms
were strong, I am sure they were
I want to see your smile
in my head and I try ever so hard
it hurts even to try
the only thing I remember of you
is the colour of your eyes
and your cat eye
and still feel all the love
inside that I once
felt for you
it has faded since a long time
and all I wish for you
is happiness and much love
but it will have never work for us
even when I know
I could have loved you
for the rest of
of my life
but I must go on
with my life
without you
so I must say to you