Friday, February 27, 2009


I have dreamt of you for a long time
I have seen your in pictures
and I long for you, you have captivated my heart
even when I don't know you.
I dream of walking under the rain
on the cobble streets, searching, touching
smelling your scents, looking into your heart
knowing you deep within.
Your churches with their high peaks and golden starts
like two and a million eyes
they have shone away day after day, year after year,
millennium after millennium and you continue on living.
Your green and sometimes snowy peaks drive me crazy
I would like to climb on your walls, touch you and feel you
I would like to walk on your narrow streets taking me through labyrinths
unknown secrets you hide underneath your wonderful beauty
your people live today and forget about tomorrow.
I can see your lining Tower of Pisa
I wonder if I would fall if I climb up on it
then I see a chapel here and chapel there
but then I see the Vatican and strikes me deeply
I am in awe of this beauty that has been hiding underneath.
I see your plazas, your cafes, your beautiful women and handsome men.
When in Rome I was told once visit the Coliseum
take in its splendor if you are lucky to see it,
open your heart and fall in love with her.
Extend your hands and caress her if she lets you
live it, feel her in your heart, love her with passion.
I have dream to see Venice, Milan, Naples, Sardinia and Corsica
your little girls and jewels that shine without outshining you.
I long for you, I want to be with you
let me love you, let me taste your pizza
even if it's only in my dreams.

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