Sunday, January 11, 2009

Horizontal Line

I sit on the cold sand on any day
and I gaze at the horizon
what do I look for? Do I see anything?
What am I trying to find or see?
I look at the boats navigating towards the line
where the sun sets down under but where?
I see it disappear swiftly and slowly in the Summer
in the Winter is there but I cannot see it
I actually wonder if it is there, do you know?
It is so dark when the sun sets that it is hard to know
However, whether it is there or not one question remains
What do I look for when I look at the horizontal line?
which seems to be there, there far at the end of the ocean
I do not see anything but I imagine many things
I imagine the boats going down as if going down a waterfall
falling rapidly along the fast and furious running water
but then I imagine the boats going down smoothly and softly
as if being push by the soft current of a lake where peace resides.
Then I know that I have never been on a boat that far out to the line
so I do not really know what is there but there is something
but perhaps once I was at some other line and nothing seemed
to changed we continue navigating in a straight line
never going down or felt like it only straight but how?
I do not know but I will keep wondering just as I have all this time.
And you?

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