Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I too have suffered

I too have suffered
the loss of a loving man
the loss of my precious joy in life
I too have suffered
two lives terminated
so innocently and so tragic
the story of our lives
that ended way to soon
I too have suffered
My little baby P is gone
my loving partner Jean Michel too
they live with me every day
and every night
their images remain in my mind
and in my dreams
I too have suffered
I see his smile every day
and hear the strong heartbeat
I imagine the smile I could have seen
that is now gone
it has been gone for a while
So do not think I know
about pain
I too have suffered
I've endured rejection
after rejection more than I could possibly
want, but I keep on going
because there is no turning back
I too have suffered
I have been discarded and unwanted
like a piece of trash
I thrive and strive everyday
to be a better person
and be the best that I can be
I too have suffered
but I give relentlessly and without conditions
I give with no reservations
I love entirely no matter who or what
or when
I live because I am here
and my joys aren't
I choose to live everyday
for those who are still here
I too have suffered
but give tribute to the fallen
Little P & Jean Michel
everyday I pray for you
because you live with me
and will continue living with me
tucked away in the core of my heart
in the depths of my being
enthralled in my soul
I too have suffered
At times life is unbearable knowing
that you will not come back
at times it feels
like an ocean of emptiness
but then I remember
that I am
not alone
even though
I too have suffered