Monday, August 31, 2009

John Doe

I met him one day
while I was reading on a bench
in a warm Summer day
he sat beside me and said hello
I look at him, smile and replied back
he asked my name
I asked his name, he said my name is John
we talked lively for a while
he talked about his life
and discovered a bit about mine,
everyday after that I sat on the same bench
reading my book, under the Sun
till the sunset at times
he came by most days
some others I missed him or I him
but we always saw each other
from time to time
John talked about waiting for love
his first love ever in life
he was already old when I met him
seventy-nine I think he said
he was gentle, he was kind
and he made me laughed
then we laughed together
he could never remember my name
nor where I am from and he always asked
but I always remember his name John
I missed him at times without even knowing him
John Doe he came to be
I met him in the supermarket the other day
his eyes shone at my sight
and a grin grew across my lips
he extended his hand and shook mine
so gentle, yet strong
he asked my name again
and I said hello John
he was surprised
he asked again where I was from
just like every time
I realized that nothing had changed
he was still John Doe
with a fading memory and a gentle touch
he faded slowly with time
and kept waiting forever
for his first love
he was John Doe
who always made me smile
and who always forgot my name
but never forgot
my face

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