Monday, October 13, 2008


Can you see me
if you can't come closer
explore the fields in front of you and discover
discover the secrets of this mountain
its secret passages
its intrinsic labyrinths
its infinite nature
come closer
smell the flowers of my hair
taste the salt on my skin
drink from the fountain of youth
satiate your thirst with my waters
look into my eyes and see the love hidden
discover the depths of my soul
and love me forever
find me
Can you see me
if you can't look a little deeper
touch my walls with your bare hands
strain your eyes if you have to
even if your mind hurts trying to find me
Look at me
look into my eyes
open the windows of my soul
experience the love hidden inside me
do not be afraid to get lost
lose yourself in my arms
Explore me completely
touch the ridges of my rocks
caress them slowly and feel their warmth
hear its calling of desire love
whisper sweet nothings into my ears
make me smile with your voice
make me want you more and more and beyond
put your lips against mine and travel
feel my spirit in your heart
feel my love in your soul
embrace my happiness with your body
entangle yourself and never let go
Let me capture you with my beauty
the inner beauty i possess even if not physical
let me explore your land
let me be the conqueror of your heart and soul
let me into your mind
do not think while I entangle myself in you
let go of all your fears, i got you
i will not let you fall
only if you fall for me
i want to make you shiver
feel the passion of my being
the warmth of my body next to you
the beauty inside me
close your eyes and fall into the abyss
fall to the depths of the unknown
into the the chasm of ecstasy
fall into my arms

Let us discover together this land
of infinite and intrinsic highways
that transcend the depths of the universe
lets cross the oceans of our imaginations
and swim in their warm waters
where the sun shines
the moon illuminates
where the sand is silky and white
and where you and I are infinite.


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